Special Projects

The Data Deserts Project

How often are police accused of using excessive force, and how are those cases resolved? How many complaints of sexual assault are processed through college disciplinary boards, and with what outcome? These are the types of data that ought to be systematically gathered and disclosed in adherence with national quality-control standards so the public can make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions. But they’re not. Data Deserts are the places where government data-gathering fails to quench the public’s thirst for civically essential information.

Why Don’t We Know

We expect government secrecy from the Pentagon or the CIA — not from our universities and our schools. But in many cases, institutions designed to protect our children are instead hiding critical information. It leaves us asking a lot of questions. One of which is simple…why don’t we know? The Why Don’t We Know podcast series from the Brechner Center addresses a range of Data Deserts issues.