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David Cuillier Comments on Roadblocks to Public Records Access in Alabama

David Cuillier, director of the Brechner Freedom of Information Project, is quoted in “Patchwork of ‘Broken’ Systems for Resolving Open Records Disputes Exists Across U.S. States” published on The Huntsville (Alabama) Item’s website on March 7.

The article focuses on nurse Dana Holladay-Hollified’s quest to find out the salaries of hospital executives where she works. The hospital is governed by a public board and therefore subject to Alabama’s open records law. After months of no response to her public records request, she had to decide if she would sue to the get the information or give up.

“Unfortunately, in the United States, almost everywhere, you have to go to court to enforce these laws. And that’s just wrong,” said Cuillier. “If the system requires the average person to hire an attorney to make democracy work, then it’s really broken.”

Posted: March 9, 2024
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